Monica Kingsbury registered clinical counsellor counselor EMDR Somatic Experiencing


Lotus photo: Monica Kingsbury



We each have a unique history and our own individual ways of dealing with it. When we experience disappointment, heartache, physical pain, or injustice, it's common to create a natural protective distance. This may manifest as anger, indifference, withdrawal, or deepen into symptoms of anxiety or depression.

Somatic based therapies such as EMDR and Somatic Transformation explore the interconnection between our physical and emotional states of being. There is recognition of how traumatic stress manifests in the body. These approaches remove the blocks that prevent our capacity for loving relationships, joy, and living life fully.

Monica has acquired her profound understanding and expertise through years of training and experience. She combines this with her formal education and a commitment to her own contemplative practices of yoga and mindfulness meditation in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh.

She has attended mindfulness retreats in Plum Village, France, Deer Park, California, and Mountain Lamp Community, Washington and practices meditation with the Mindfulness Community of Victoria.

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