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"My intention is to support individuals toward living full and meaningful lives. By bringing present moment awareness to our breath and the sensations of the body we can rediscover our natural capacity for healing."



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You may be living each day with emotional pain, finding yourself dwelling in the past or worrying about the future.

You may feel frozen, unable to move forward. You may assume that you have to go through this alone.

Traumatic experiences can happen to any of us.

These can be any deeply disturbing experience or the emotional shock following an overwhelming event. Sometimes they can be the accumulation of “little traumas”—seemingly everyday hurts and disappointments. Even the memory of a past trauma, if unresolved, can feel like it’s happening in the present.

Some of the resulting symptoms include fear, anxiety, irritability, anger, sadness, panic, sleep disturbances, intolerance to stress, social withdrawal or a loss of sense of self.

What I’ve found is that change is always possible.

Possibilities for healing do exist; you can experience peace and free your future. Discover your inner strengths and develop the resources to overcome the effects of trauma in your life.

The true nature of my work is to help people identify and overcome the effects of their trauma. I do this by combining current mind body approaches with traditional therapeutic techniques. I guide clients to:

• Experience greater awareness and clarity

• Focus on the here and now

• Create meaningful change

• Improve relationships



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